The Effects of Socio-Economic Factors on Utilization of Different Healthcare Services among older persons in Ghana

  • Saeed Bashiru Kumasi Polytechnic


The effect of socio-economic inequality in the use of healthcare services in Ghana is investigated in this paper. The data employed in the study were drawn from the Global Ageing and Adult
Health survey conducted in Ghana by SAGE and was based on the design for the World Health Survey (WHS, 2003). The survey was conducted in 2007-2008 and collected data on socio-
economic characteristics and other variables of the 5573 individuals interviewed. Generalized logit model was applied in the analysis. The study found that health status is a very strong
determinant of the type of healthcare services Ghanaians prefer. It also indicated differential preferences for healthcare services by income levels, level of education, employment status and
health insurance status of the aged. Among the aged men and women, income levels and higher education improved access to private health care. Those in informal employment, the self-
employed and those in the lower income quintiles preferred traditional and herbal medicine. The aged with health insurance preferred the public health facility. The aged with self-rated
moderate and bad health status preferred public health facility. These differences may be due to socio-economic inequities but could also indicate that the existing health facilities are not
always used in an optimal way. Improving access to essential health care for the aged through national educational campaigns and social protection measures (expanding the national health
insurance to include all the aged – 60 years and above) should be an essential national health policy worth considering. Implementation of the new National Pensions Act will be crucial in
reducing the socioeconomic inequalities to primary health care by the aged in Ghana.

Aug 8, 2017
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