Garment Designing Process – Kumasi Polytechnic Experience

  • M. Obeng Nyarko, Kumasi Technical University
  • E. A. Essuman Kumasi Technical University
  • Y. S. Peligah Kumasi Technical University
  • T. Crentsil Kumasi Technical University


This study is a record of the unique procedure developed by the design lecturers at the Fashion Department of Kumasi Polytechnic, as their contribution to academic training for the Fashion Industry. The study is purely qualitative and it describes how traditional resources have been
used by fashion students with a creative touch to produce garments. The study is a collaboration between the local Fashion Industry in Kumasi and the Fashion Department of Kumasi Polytechnic. Activities of selected local industry players were observed and the management of those fashion houses were interviewed to identify challenges in their activities. Findings from the field work identified the lack of research and creativity as a major gap in the garment designing process. Subsequently, interventions were designed and used to develop a model for the local fashion industry. The result is demonstration of how garments can be developed through research by combining conventional and local resources. The unique experience is model for training Tailors and Dress makers in the catchment area of Kumasi Polytechnic, and others in the Fashion field at large.

Jun 28, 2017
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