Technical Review of Wind Resource Characteristics in Ghana

  • Emmanuel Osei Yeboah Kumasi Technical University


In this paper, historical wind speed data for forty-three (43) different locations in Ghana, measured by the Energy Commission, have been analysed using the Wind Profile Power Law. The wind data for the various locations were extrapolated to 80 metres above ground level to reflect the general wind speed conditions at the height where typical commercial wind turbines operate. Based on the wind speed threshold of 5.5 m/s for financial viability, ten (10) locations out of the forty three (43) were found to have good potential for wind power development. These locations were Mankoadze, Pute, Lolonya, Adafoah, Aplaku, Anloga, Tema, Kpone, Atiteti / Dzita, and Sege / Ningo. These locations had extrapolated annual average wind speeds of 8.4 m/s, 7.2 m/s, 7.1 m/s, 6.9 m/s, 6.8 m/s, 6.6/6.2 m/s, 6.6 m/s, 6.4 m/s, 6.23, and 5.69 m/s, respectively, which were all greater than the threshold of 5.5 m/s. With regards to future activities in relation to wind power development, it is recommended that these locations be prioritized.

May 10, 2017
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