Concept of Beauty In Islam

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Muslim men and women observe a standard of modesty that may be considered conservative, but they feel that these guidelines, established by God, are for the benefit of both individuals and the society in general. Muslim women are advised in the Qur'an not to make a display of their beauty in public. The objective of this paper is to establish what Muslims considered beautiful in terms of women attire using the Quran as a point of reference. The study adopted quantitative approach and in particular a descriptive survey research design. The target populations for the study were the leaders (Imams) or sheiks of traditional Muslim communities in the Kumasi Metropolis. Fifty (50) questionnaires were distributed to respondents in the study area using the convenience sampling method. Based on responses from the questionnaire distributed, forty two (42) were retrieved, attaining 84.0% response rate. The data were analysed using descriptive statistics in the form of mean and standard deviation.  It emerged from the study that Islamic concept of beauty extends beyond the physical appearance to include ensuring good manners, adherence to Islamic etiquette, good utterances from people within the community and blessing from Allah. It also relates positive qualities such as; self-confidence, cheerfulness, altruism, optimism of a person and physical beauty always looked upon as a positive trait. The study recommended that Islamic communities should teach more about the dress codes of Islam as means of awakening the interest of the Muslim youth’s identity through clothes, as spelt out in the Quran. It also advises against one displaying beauty in a way that will cause harm to oneself or to others.

Jun 12, 2019
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