Faecal Bacteria Contamination in Some Localities in La Township, Accra

  • R. Cleland Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
  • E.D.O. Ansa CSIR-Water Research Institute


High cost of waste water treatment and disposal in urban centers has necessitated the development of on-site affordable bio-digesters that are serving as an alternative to the use of septic tanks. The effectiveness of such bio-digesters under field conditions however is not known. We investigated the quality of effluent discharged by the bio-digesters and the possible sources of enteric bacteria contamination in the community. Effluent of Bio-digesters in different suburbs of La, Accra namely were sampled to assess its quality. Food vendors in the suburbs where the bio-digesters exist, were also identified for sampling. Food packs used by the vendors were sampled for the presence of Coliforms, moulds and yeast. These were broad natural leaves, polystyrene containers and clear polythene bags. Water in handwashing basins used by the vendors were also sampled for Total coliforms and Eischerichia coli contamination. Bio-digesters from the following suburbs: Leshie Palm Wine Junction, Nmati, Regimanuel Gray, Abafum Kakramadu, Leshie Adiembra, Nmati New Life and Leshie Grace Jones had effluent E. coli concentrations of 1.97x10 7 ±9.6 x10 6 , 3.42x10 7 ±1.48x10 7 , 3.03x10 7 ±1.41x10 7, 2.79x10 7 ±7.59x10 6 , 3.44x10 7 ±2.56x10 7 , and 5.80x10 7 ±3.68x10 7 cfu/100mL. No E. coli, mould or yeast counts were observed in any of the polystyrene containers or clear polythene bag packs from any of the locations. Leaf food packs had significant quantities of yeast (520-2808cfu/mL) in all the suburbs or localities sampled. The hand washing basin water in all the localities had E. coli contamination in the order of at least 105cfu/100mL. This can be a big source of infection for food consumers as some vendors serve the food with their bare hands.

Apr 1, 2019
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