Design and Economic Evaluation of Tiger Nut Alcoholic Drink Manufacturing Plant

  • Mike A. Acheampong Kumasi Technical University
  • Johannes Ami Kumasi Technical University, Kumasi


he boom in the demand for alcoholic beverages in Ghana has led to the manufacture and sale of these products from different feed stock, mainly parts of a plant or whole plant. However, the scientific, engineering and economic evaluation of the production of these alcoholic products is mostly overlooked. This work looks at the design and economic evaluation of a plant to manufacture 10,000ton/year tiger nut alcoholic beverage. Seven
(7) main unit operations are involved in the production of tiger nut alcoholic drink, that is sorting, grinding, filtration, mixing, pasteurization, cooling and packaging. A total of 165kW of power is needed to efficiently run this plant. The profitability analysis carried out on the plant showed the following; a payback period of about four (4) months, a rate of return of over 100% with the total capital investment being the fixed and working capital for the first year. The cumulative cash flow depicted positive profit margin right from the first year where a value of $ 8,093,253 was recorded.

Apr 1, 2019
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